KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan’s (MQM-P) head, Farooq Sattar while addressing a press conference following party’s high-level meeting after inviting Mustafa Kamal and his party leaders to join MQM-P and merge PSP with “their roots” announced to quit politics.

Following the announcement of acquittal from politics by Farooq Sattar, MQM leaders and workers felt disgruntled and started raising slogans of Na Manzoor, Na Manzoor.

Farooq Sattar announced to visit ‘Yadgaar-e-Shuhda’ on Saturday.

Earlier, he declined chances of merger with Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) said that “Your purpose was to highlight the point of alliance but you went on speaking against MQM.”

“Engineered politics can never work,” he remarked, adding “politics will take its natural course.” The rule of democracy is simple, the leader who wins the hearts of the people is the one who will eventually rule, he said.

He clarified that he had only urged an alliance with PSP for upcoming elections during yesterday. “How can we erase our history and forget the martyrs,” Sattar asked.

Referring to his joint-press conference with Pak Sarzameen Party Founder, Mustafa Kamal, Sattar remarked: “we were disappointed.”

Kamal agreed to unite with me and in front of me he said that MQM belongs to its founder, said Sattar. MQM belonged to its founder till August 22, 2016. “Even then, MQM was the party of muhajirs and the oppressed,” he further clarified.

Sattar also spoke against the tone Kamal used in the press conference.

“You said that you can’t hold talks with MQM. Then, I want to ask you, who else have you been talking to then?”

“In the press conference, PSP leaders only spoke against MQM,” he remarked, adding “I was the only one speaking about pursuing non-violent politics and ensuring security of the country.”

He remarked: “You can make PSP, you can make Haqiqi, you can keep any name for the party, but how can you forget your martyrs and their sacrifices?”

Taking a jibe at PSP, he said “those who claim to engage in national politics. I challenge them to win a single seat in Lahore or Larkana. We will dissolve the party if they succeed.”

“How can we be expected to merge with a party which never speaks about the injustice against Muhajirs,” remarked Sattar. “Muhajirs have been heart broken since yesterday.”

Reacting to PSP’s earlier claims of “burying MQM”, Sattar said: “How can you bury a party with a mandate?”

Explaining the reason for the alliance, he said, “MQM made the decision because we longer wanted the blood of Muhajirs to shed”.

There was misunderstanding regarding the press conference, we never said that MQM and its election symbol will cease to exist. “Kite is not just our symbol but an important part of our life and our manifesto.”

On MQM’s high-level meeting, he explained “I didn’t attend because I was discontent with party members. I appreciate the fact that they have shown confidence in my leadership.”

“My words are very important, as I am the head of Pakistan’s fourth largest party according to the National Assembly, third largest party in the Senate, second biggest party in Sindh and the biggest party for the people of Karachi.”

“I started my political career with All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization, which was created on June 11, 1978. I joined APMSO in 1979,” he said.

“We are in politics to save Pakistan,” he said, adding “Muhajirs and their mandate was insulted yesterday.”

He also remarked, “I have never abused my power for personal gains.”

Sattar requested the media organizations to probe into the wealth of all the major political leaders from different parties.

He challenged his political rivals to compare his assets with those of others, describing the purchase of his property and vehicle. “I use a second hand car which is not even mine,” he added.

He told that he was the first person to be acquitted by Supreme Court when NAB punished him in a corruption reference.

“Politicians and heads of all parties should be held accountable regarding their assets and funds. Nation needs to know who is leading them.”

“I never ran away from the country [unlike other political leaders], I have always stayed with my workers and supporters,” he said.

“I willing to be held accountable in front of the entire nation.”

“I welcome all party members, supporters and workers. Also, thank all media organizations for coming to cover across this press conference on such a short notice,” he said in his opening note.

Earlier in the day, Sattar had skipped the MQM-P’s high-level meeting, which was then was chaired by Rabita Committee Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed Jamil.

After the meeting, MQM-P members including Kamran Tessori, Nasreen Jalil, Wasim Akhtar had reached Sattar’s residence to “pacify him”.

“Sattar bhai is upset,” Tessori told the media, adding” we have come here to pacify him”.

However, sources suggested that Sattar refused to meet the party leaders.

In the meeting, MQM-P members decided that the party’s name, symbol and manifesto will remain intact, adding that all members have expressed full confidence in Farooq Sattar’s leadership.

The sentiments were expressed by Rabita Committee Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed Jamil.

Addressing the media, Jamil shared that the developments pertaining to joining hands of PSP and MQM-Pakistan were discussed in-depth.