Brussels// 29th November 2017//

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front(JKLF) Belgium Organized a Seminar at Brussels.JKLF Seeking attention of World Community,on present Human Rights Situation of Jammu Kashmir. The seminar preside by Mushtaq Hussain Diwan Ali President JKLF Belgium,conducted by Zaheer Zahid General Secretary JKLF Belgium The Chief Guest was Member of European Parliament Madam Maria Arena ,Party socialist Belgium those who spoke on this occasion, Maria Arena Member European Parliament,Sardar Nasim Iqbal Advocate Member Diplomatic Council JKLF,Masood Iqbal Mir General Secretary Europe Zone, Professor Sajjad Saeed Leuven university Belgium,Local Councillor Hussan Aasail,Khalid,
Pagana towana. Mushtaq Hussain Diwan Ali President JKLF Belgium,Zaheer Zahid General Secretary JKLF Belgium
other participants included Sardar Zahid khan Member Supreme Council,Naseem Khan ,Iltaf khan,Nadeem Jaral,Atiqa ahmed Ch Sharif ,Kashif khan ,Mumtaz Ahmed ,Sohail Ahmed and others.
Member European Parliament Maria Arena said that as a human rights defender I am supporter of the fundamental rights of people of Jammu kashmir.We have trade relation with India and Pakistan,I can raise the human rights situation of jammu kashmir in Parliament ,she said India and Israel say they are big democracy but they do not respect human rights.
JKLF Diplomatic Council Member Sardar Nasim Iqbal Advocate welcomed the participants and said that the fundamental right of 20 million people to freedom across the divided Jammu Kashmir are being ignored and neglected by the world community.
This is a grievous injustice inflicted upon people who waited long for peace,dignity and reunification of their country.He said his party and leadership has always wished for the entire state to become a bridge of peace in South Asia, Although Jammu Kashmir is part of Central Asia but two south Asian states India and Pakistan divided our state.

Masood Mir General Secretary JKLF Europe said that the Indian forces are committing gross human rights violation in Indian Held Kashmir,thousands of kashmiris are killed,and arrested by Indian forces .Pilet gun are being used against innocent people,women are raped.
Sajjad Saeed social scientist said that Kashmir issue links with peace of world because both India and Pakistan are atomic power countries .International community must play roll for the peace and full solution of Jammu Kashmir.
The participants acknowledged, that for seventy years India and Pakistan have failed to resolve the issue of Jammu Kashmir’s future status. The participants agreed that dialogue and the recognition of the rights of 20 million people of Jammu Kashmir is the only wayward solution of the long standing Kashmir issue.
JKLF Belgium appeal to European parliament to immediately send their fact finding missions in order to independently probe the severe situation on both sides of Jammu Kashmir. It is high time for the international community to intervene and stop the genocide of the people of Jammu Kashmir.International Community especially Europe Union, peace loving nation to give top priority to the issue of Kashmir. They also demanded urgent attention of the World Community to the Human rights violation in all parts of Jammu Kashmir Gilgit Balistan Ladakh and Pakistani administrated Jammu Kashmir.
JKLF demand withdrawal of all foreign forces from Jammu Kashmir.JKLF believe that a free independent Secular Democratic Country is the only solution of Jammu Kashmir issue.