Member European Parliament from the UK Mr. Wajid Khan called on Pakistan’s Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg Mrs. Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi at the Embassy of Pakistan in Brussels, today. He was accompanied by a 12 member delegation representing UK based Pakistani diaspora from different walks of life including politics, business and academia.

Ambassador Hashmi briefed the delegation on Pakistan-EU relations particularly the significance of the UK. She appreciated the role of Pakistani origin MEPs in strengthening the bonds between Pakistan and various institutions of the European Union. Ambassador Hashmi also emphasized the valuable role of Pakistani community settled in the European countries. She said that Pakistani diaspora in various parts of world has always played a very supportive role towards the country of their origin.

MEP Wajid Khan thanked the Ambassador for hosting the delegation in the embassy and for apprising the delegation on the working of embassy for the multilateral diplomacy. He said that Pakistanis, where ever they are in world, always feel obligation to serve their country of origin and remain proud of their Pakistani identity.