Brussels: 17 dead and maybe the number of deaths can go up after the bloody attack at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, United States, It’s something that should not happen at all in schools, and yet this morning not only prince Jamal Al Noaimi wokes up with this terrible news, but the whole of humanity. Not only 17 deaths, but also a lot of extra injuries … More than 20 injured, which probably will kill extra people. His highness Prince Jamal Al Noaimi condemns such senseless violence in the United States and around the world. This massacre was not needed at all. At the same time, the prince congratulates the security services with the arrest of the perpetrator and the fact that timely action was taken to ensure that no more deaths occurred. His highness has been very badly hit by this attack on innocent children. His prince is also impressed by the suffering that these families have to undergo. Former fellow students of the perpetrator argued that he had already spoken several times about shooting down people. The former fellow students, however, thought that this was a joke. Unfortunately, it turned out to be true. This massacre could thus have been prevented. The hope in his highness is more than vivid that the safety of children at school is guaranteed everywhere in the world and that children around the world can safely return from school. His highness is taken seriously by the terrible scenes that the children of the school have had to behold. Apparently such a phenomenon is really a plague in the United States, because 17 schools have been involved in such senseless violence since January 1st 2018.