Brussels: On 22 Feb 2018, a delegation​ of Royal Family Holding, Union of Arab Nations​ and Vercarmodel (Italy) ​headed by His Highness Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi visited European parliament to promote the eco-friendly electric car project.

            On the side of the activities during the visit in European Parliament, His Highness Prince Jamal Alnoaimi met with the Saudi  Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, as they exchanged views. His Highness Prince Jamal talked about his project of electric cars planned to be established in the Arab Republic of Egypt which will be the starting point for all other countries, and about its role in national economic supporting and providing too many jobs opportunities for youth. From his part, the Foreign Minister welcomed the idea of the project and considered it a good idea and an environmentally friendly project.