Sajjad Karim MEP, last night condemned the situation in Syria as a stain on the conscious of humanity.

Dr Karim was speaking during a debate on the war-torn country in the European Parliament, where he described the actions of Russia and its allies in Syria as deplorable, also citing the international community’s inaction on the situation as inexcusable.

Speaking in Strasbourg plenary session, the British MEP said:

“It has been seven years now that the Syrians have been asking us: ‘What have we done to deserve this?’

“A matter of days ago the UNHCR found a four-year-old wandering the desert trying to escape, but today he was stunned and silent, no longer even putting that question anymore.

“What is happening in Eastern Ghouta is Russia and its cohorts carrying out bombings, causing people to flee and then that very same state – Russia – is poisoning the minds of Europeans against those fleeing Syrians when they are coming here seeking refuge.

“What is happening today in Syria is nothing but a stain on the conscious of humanity and the international community’s inability to face the perpetrators within a UN framework is paid for in the blood of Syrians.”

He went on to criticise the MEPs who have expressed their sympathies towards Russian actions:

“High Representative [Mogherini], you face an impossible situation, yet today in this very house we hear voices that are sympathetic to the Russian line.

“We must be ready to face not only the direct actors in Syria, but their apologists and admirers in this house who are undermining our democracies.”

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, Dr Karim has been highly active on the issue speaking extensively in the European Parliament, as well as signing resolutions calling for an end to the conflict.