While it is time for sustainable development, renewable energies, smart cities, etc. – in Brussels, and in Ixelles in particular, a new page of history opened. In 1886, Karl Benz built the first car with a traditional engine. Since then, these cars have exhausted natural resources and polluted our environment and decreased the quality of life through their emissions. This week, in April 2018, the first fully electric car at a very democratic price was for the first time shown to the public. Electric cars will quickly take over traditional cars. Unfortunately, they are currently only available on the high-end market. To give access to electric cars to the majority of citizens at democratic prices, there is currently a “revolution en marche”.
In this context, a new holding, the Royal Family Holding, has just been created. Their first project is to build electric motorcycles, electric cars and electric buses. This “eco-friendly” concept is set to develop quickly in the coming months and years, given its affordability and high energy performance, which allows users to save significant costs.


A prototype of such an affordable an electric car (the size of a Fiat Panda) was unveiled for the first time with great success to the public in the presence of experts, international and European, regional and local personalities. This car color “frog” was exposed in front of the former Luxembourg Station in front of the European Parliament. Given the enthusiasm for electric vehicles in general and the interest for this small affordable totally electric car in special (which will be on the market in 2020), it is essential that the regional and local authorities implement the loading infrastructure adapted to meet the needs of the numerous users.
The representative office of the new Holding in Brussels, whose main activity is the investment and financing of small, medium and large projects in partnership, was also inaugurated this week in Avenue Louise in a festive atmosphere in the presence of VIPs, journalists, financial and technology experts.