Member of Kashmir Delegation to United Nations Hassan Bana addressed Human Rights Council in Geneva in its 40thsession, and raised the situation of Kashmiri media under Indian military occupation.

He said, “In Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the human rights defenders, journalists, newspaper editors & owners and student activists are constantly being attacked, intimidated and subjected to arbitrary detentions.

The occupation authorities have blocked and banned government advertisements for Kashmir based newspapers including  the popular and largely circulated“Daily Greater Kashmir” and “Kashmir reader”, for not toeing the pro-India line regarding the on-going death and destruction in Kashmir, Bana added.

Bana, who is also a representative of APHC AJK Chapter, was addressing diplomats and representatives of INGOs during a general debate in the Council.

Despite calls and condemnation from local and International media associations, he explained, young journalists Asif Sultan and  Adil Farooq Bhat are still behind the bars under fabricated charges, while as Aqib Javed Hakim was summoned to Delhi by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA).

On January 22, 2019 four senior  journalists were shot and wounded with pellets in a target-oriented attack by the Indian soldiers. They were punished for trying to uncover the truth during a siege laid down by Indian forces in South Kashmir.

This brutal military repression has been intensified under the current ruling dispensation, headed by the fanatic and communal leadership  of so-called secular and democratic India.

This all is being done to hide the crimes being perpetrated on Kashmiri men, women and children by the soldiers of over 700,000 Indian occupation army and this is undoubtedly a clear manifestation of unabated Indian terrorism, Bana said while concluding his statement.