Korrina Hegarty Environment Policy Director & Mr. Michael NEUMANN Vice President European Federation (EFG) Answering my question

Most people do not know what to do with e-waste, what are EU efforts raising Awareness among citizens About E-Waste ?

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MEP Ms.Miapetra Kumpula- Natri
In her Agenda for Europe, Commission President elect Ursula von der Leyen gave top priority to environmental and climate issues, referring to environmental protection as the European Union’s most urgent action. In order for the EU to progressively reduce its environmental impact and achieve a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, it needs to ensure sustainable food systems and provide effective water management; this is fundamental for human health, social and economic development as well as for our planet’s ecosystem.

It is also essential that it focuses on ocean governance since – apart from supplying 50% of the oxygen we breathe – oceans and seas provide ecosystem services that are key to food security and sustainable livelihoods. In addition, sustainable forestry represents an important solution towards the conservation of biodiversity and combating climate change. In fact, even if forests and wooded areas in the European territory – representing 43% of its land – have grown over the last decades, recent major wildfires across the continent show that conservation and sustainable use of forests are still not fully ensured by current policies.

Furthermore, the delivery of a circular economy that avoids unnecessary waste, promotes recycling and reutilisation of larger amounts of natural resources is an environmental priority of significant importance, alongside a sustainable bioeconomy that supports the creation of new value chains. Last but not least, it is key that Europe safeguards clean energy and transport in full alignment with its climate goals.