Press Conference: Governor of Punjab, Mohammad Sarwar held a press conference with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Fabio Masimo Castaldo, Chairman EU PAk Friendship Federation Europe, Perveiz Iqbal Losar and Wajid Khan (Former MEP). In the Press Conference, VP Masimo Castaldo supported the GSP plus for Pakistan, highlighted the inhumane Indian Citizen Amendment Act. He saluted the efforts of Pakistans efforts in the war against terror and recognised the sacrifices Pakistan. Wajid Khan spoke about his work collectively with VP Castaldo on raising the human rights abuses in IOK. Mr Losar reiterated that the indian neighbour’s were lobbying against Pakistan and unity needed to ensure we tackle the BJP right wing propaganda and Modis terrorist mindset. VP Castaldo praised Mr Losar on his work in building a better relationship between EU and Pakistan