Prince Harry and William have been accused of mishandling donated funds after the Royal Foundation split. 

These allegations have now been refuted by a representative of the Duke of Sussex after the two brothers were reported to a charity watchdog organization.

As per a report by Newsweek, the two were accused by an anti-monarchy group called Republic, of “putting their relationship above the interests of Sussex Royal and The Royal Foundation.”

After the split of the Royal Foundation’s funds, some of which was transferred to the Sussex’s defunct Sussex Royal foundation, Republic is criticizing Harry for having a sum of more than $350,000 transferred for his eco-travel venture, Travalyst.

The claims however, have been rubbished by the duke’s representative stating the eco-travel venture by Harry should be considered an organization that works for the same mission as the Sussex Royal foundation as it promoted sustainability.

“Grants made to the non-profit organization Travalyst are for the ongoing development of projects that will support communities, wildlife, and the environment through sustainable travel and tourism. All grants have been made impartially and objectively, fully in line with governance requirements, and have been reported transparently in full accordance with regulations,” said the rep.