Daily EnGKARACHI: Three Pakistani photographers have been named for Sony World Photography Awards 2016, the world’s biggest photography competition.

Shahzad Khan, Zohaib Tariq and Kumail Rizvi have been shortlisted in the competition.

Shahzad Khan was shortlisted in the youth portraits’ category for his photo of “Awal Gul”, a close-up of a child while the photograph by Zohaib Tariq called “Pakistan” which shows farmers working in fields got him nominated in the youth culture category.

Kumail Rizvi’s click, named “human made environment” and shows an aerial view of a car parking in Malaysia, got him nominated in the ‘youth environment category’.

A record number of participants – 203,103 – from 186 countries have sent in their entries. The committee, in its statement, said that there was an increase of 137% entries from Pakistan.