Daily EnGRAWALPINDI: A meeting of the National Command Authority was chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a press release in this regard was also issued by the ISPR.

According to details, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting of the National Command Authority (NCA) which is the main decision-making body regarding the country’s nuclear weapons. The press release also stated that the body wanted to take measures to strengthen the national security without indulging into an arms race. It was stated in the press release that ‘NCA took note of the growing conventional and strategic weapons’ development in the region. It expressed serious concerns over the adverse ramifications for peace and security on this account. NCA reiterated its determination to take all possible measures to make national security robust; enabling it to effectively respond to the threats to national security without indulging in arms race’.

During the meeting, the National Command Authority also lauded efforts scientists and engineers for the various successful cruise and ballistic missile tests. The upcoming Nuclear Security Summit to be held in Washington also came under discussion, as the press release stated:-

‘NCA was also briefed on the final Nuclear Security Summit scheduled to be held in Washington D.C. Details of inter-agency process to ratify the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (Amended) by Pakistan were also presented to NCA. The NCA gave approval in principle for its ratification. It was re-affirmed that, as a responsible nuclear State, Pakistan would continue to contribute meaningfully towards the global efforts to improve nuclear security and nuclear non-proliferation measures.’