Daily EnGLAHORE: The first case under the Protection of Women Against Violence law was registered by a woman after the Governor had signed the bill yesterday, ARY News reported.

On Monday, Governor Rafiq Rajwana had signed the Protection of Women Against Violence bill, thereby making it into a law. The first case was registered today under the new law by a woman.

According to details, Basra Bibi from Lahore filed a case against her husband for allegedly threatening and assaulting her. This is the first case that has been registered under the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill.

The bill, which guarantees women safety against torture and violence in domestic disputes, had been the object of much controversy when it was passed by the Punjab Assembly last month. As per the bill (which has now become a law) a man can be banished from home for two days if he assaults his wife and would also be required to wear a tracker. The bill also prohibits torture of wives and forbids her from being expunged from the house, in case of a confrontation with her husband.

After the bill had been passed by the Punjab Assembly, a fierce debate had ensued between conservative and liberal elements. Some saw the bill as a landmark document that guaranteed women freedom and rights. However, others saw it as a bill that subjugated the rights of men, with JUI=F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman stating that he would campaign for the rights of husbands.