Daily EngSonam Kapoor is disappointed and sad at the piracy of her latest movie in Pakistan, despite the film being banned in the Islamic Republic.

Sonam Kapoor’s latest movie Neerja has been doing well in Pakistan despite being banned in the country. According to an Indian website, Sonam Kapoor was doing a live chat show where she interacted with some Pakistani fans of hers and got to know that the film was doing well in Pakistan since people were watching pirated versions of it.

“The film has not released officially there, but it is very sad that this has happened. Today I was doing a live chat and there are several of my fans who are from Pakistan… Since my films have done well in Pakistan, they’re all watching pirated copies of the film over there,” she said during a press conference.

“It’s a matter of sadness, I am very disappointed,” claimed the Bollywood actress.

Clearly upset at the film being pirated in Pakistan, Sonam also spoke about Neerja being banned in Pakistan and that she had said it before as well that politics should not play a part in sports or art. This is what she said:-

“I can’t understand it, but I think this is all politics between both sides. I had said this before, there is no place for politics in art and sports and unfortunately that’s what has happened.”

Sonam Kapoor plays Neerja Bhanot in Neerja, the Indian flight attendant on the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 73 which was nearly hijacked in Karachi on 5th September 1986. In an attempt to save the passengers from the armed militants, Neerja was shot dead. She was posthumously awarded by the governments of Pakistan and India for her valiant efforts.