Daily EngWe have seen several beauty queens who were shot to stardom in a very short span of span, but there are some who had their careers cut short in the wake of fatal tragedies.

We take a look at some of the most shocking beauty queen deaths that continue to haunt their fans even today.

1- Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado

What happens when a party turns into a murder scene? 19-year old Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister, Sofia Trinidad, were murdered by someone they knew at a party they attended. Their bodies were later found buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of town.

According to police reports, Sofia\’s boyfriend had allegedly seen her dancing with another man at the party and shot her in the head in retaliation; Alvarado was shot twice in the back as she had tried to escape.

2- Miss Russia, Alexandra Petrova

19-year old Russian model, Alexandra Petrova, was killed during an assassination attempt on her boyfriend, mafia boss, Konstantin Chuvilin. Petrova was fatally shot at the entrance of her apartment.

5- Miss Tourism, Genesis Carmona

Another young Venezuelan woman lost her life when she was peacefully protesting against the high crime rate of her country. She won the title of Miss Tourism for the state of Carabobo and was shot in the head during government protests.

1-Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear

She was voted the “fifth most beautiful woman in the universe” at the 2005 Miss Universe contest. Her life was cut short by robbers who shot and killed Spear and her husband while they were on a vacation. Her 5-year old daughter suffered a leg wound in the attack.

4- Miss Hollywood, Jill Ann Weatherwax

Hers is the biggest murder mystery that remains unsolved. She was found stabbed in the year 1998 in Fresno, California.

There are different versions of what led to her murder. Police were convinced that Weatherwax was engaged in prostitution and that she was also involved in drugs. However, her family refused to accept this version.