Daily EngKARACHI: Supermodel Ayyan’s name was excluded from the Exit Control List on the orders of Sindh High Court, ARY News reported.

According to details, proceedings were held at Sindh High Court against the decision to include Ayyan’s name in the ECL. Ayyan had cited the reasons that her mother was ill in Dubai and that her business was suffering as a result of her not traveling.

Hence, she requested the court to take her name off the Exit Control List. The court ruled in favour of the supermodel and ordered that her name be stricken off the ECL.

Ayyan was arrested from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad as she was about to board a Dubai-bound flight. The supermodel was carrying more than five hundred thousand dollars with her for which she was arrested for currency smuggling. After spending four months in Adiala jail, Ayyan was finally freed on bail.

Ayyan is a renowned supermodel who has been the brand ambassador for several international as well as domestic brands. She has also sung a couple of songs. Her arrest and subsequent trial garnered immense public interest. A few weeks ago, Ayyan had crossed one million fans on Facebook and had posted a special message thanking her fans.