Daily ENGTaher Shah has announced his return to the musical foray with a brand new song .

We were all struck with awe, amazement and bewilderment when Eye to Eye became popular overnight. Released in 2013, the song became viral almost immediately after it was released. If it was not for Taher Shah’s ridiculously simple and awkward lyrics that he penned for Eye to Eye, then his demeanour equally stood out. Dressed all in white and with frizzy long hair, Taher Shah was here to stay in our hearts, minds and jokes with just one song.

Eye to eye song by Taher Shah 😀 by FAHEEM_ASGHAR
The singer recently announced that he had plans to release yet another song, the first look of which he released a couple of days ago. Earlier, Taher Shah had announced via a tweet that he planned to release the first look of the song on March 20.

True to his word, he did release the first look of the song in another tweet and also announced that the song would debut on April 8 next month.

Will Taher Shah’s upcoming song live up to the ‘standards’ set by Eye to Eye and also become the talk of the town? We’re sure to find out come April 8!