dailypeghamThe Islamic State has named British-Pakistani baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in the United Kingdom’s cabinet, on a “kill list”, while describing her as a “politically active apostate”.

Published in the militant group’s magazine, Dabiq, IS called for the murder of so-called apostates, including presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin and Tory Business Secretary Sajid Javid.

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The article warned: “If figures such as Warsi and Javid are caught before they repent, then there is no amnesty for them and theirs shall be a painful and fatal punishment.”

Republican Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to the US Congress, was also named in the magazine.

“Daesh is a collection of liars, murderers, terrorists and rapists. No Muslim I know recognises what they preach as Al-Islam,” he said in a statement.

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Clinton’s campaign declined to comment on the threats, according to the Independent.

Despite the fact that high-profile figures have been named in the list for publicity, “the threat is expected to be taken seriously by the Home Office”, the Independent reported.