dailypeghamIndia’s nuclear programme is not only unsafe but requires implementation of satisfactory international oversight mechanisms which should be taken into consideration by nuclear suppliers, according to a recent report by a US think tank.

Why are NSG berths crucial for nuclear Pakistan, India?

The report titled, “the three overlapping streams of India’s nuclear programmes” by Kalman A Robertson and John Carlson at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of the Harvard Kennedy School, noted problems in India’s nuclear programme arising from gaps in the commitments New Delhi had made after its nuclear deal with the US and in its separation plan, safeguards and additional protocols.

Pakistan presents danger to entire world: NYT editorial

The report observed that the relationships and overlaps between its three streams of nuclear programmes: ‘civilian safeguarded’, ‘civilian unsafeguarded’, and ‘military’ of their civil and military programmes were ‘not transparent’.