PAKISTAN HIGH COMMISSION LONDON in partnership with Wagging Tongues Productions
Ltd presents Jungly Jadoogar, a journey through traditional South Asian fairy
tales with a modern twist. The theatre play is a mystical adventure of two
brothers, Billoo and Gulloo, on their fantastical voyage to rescue Prince
Jalfrezi from the clutches of the evil sorceress, Jungly Jadoogar. It is an
enthralling family show with swashbuckling Princess Gulfam, story weaver Dadi
007, magic carpets, luminous flying fish and the fiercely magnificent dragon,
Fifi. Mariam Majid, writer and director comments, “Jungly Jadoogar was birthed
from the remnants of memories of Cassette Kahani, Alif Lailah and the magical
land of Kaukaaf. Jungly Jadoogar, an English language play, aims to recreate the
sense of wonderment from my childhood and makes it relevant for our younger
generation. More than just keeping with the tradition, the story telling is
tailored to function in the modern world as a source of inspiration and

The performance involves a multi-cultural line-up of professional actors as well
as experienced management and crew. With its humour, visual effects and fast
paced story line, Jungly Jadoogar is aimed at providing an entertaining
experience for adults and children alike. It forms part of the Muslim Lifestyle
Show 2016 being held at Olympia London on 30th April and 1st May at 11.30am.

Wagging Tongues Productions Ltd is committed to developing and producing work in
performance art and film. Our aim is to give a voice to artists, performers,
writers, directors and producers from diverse backgrounds through the medium of
theatre and film in British society.