dailypeghamFirst things first — I want to acknowledge your efforts. Yes, I do. Because your version of modern feminism has made me sympathise with men and stand up for their rights so much more than I ever did before. Thanks, modern feminism. You’re performing one terrific service.

Let’s clarify something once and for all — women have issues that men don’t and men have hitches that women don’t because women are dissimilar to men and men are completely unlike women. Yes, that’s about it. I’m done. Half of you feminists can go home now. I unscrambled the dilemma.

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For those of you who are still not swayed by my argument, I now bombard you with a couple of questions: did you know that hundreds of Third World boys are viciously murdered on a daily basis but all everyone (including media and feminazis) talk about are the girls who are kidnapped or tortured. Am I suggesting that women’s issues should be ignored? Absolutely not! My point here is — both men and women’s issues need consideration and deliberation.

Did you know that Third World boys make up possibly more than half of all sexually exploited children but we’ll never know for sure because feminism makes certain that most statistics and studies conducted are about girls!

Did you know that a bulky chunk of Third World Boys live their lives enveloped in slave labour and under appallingly inhuman conditions but all anyone ever hears about is the much smaller percentage of girls toiling in sweat shops. I’m not implying that girls don’t need help — I’m inferring that boys require aid and attention too. Just as much. Boys can be oppressed as much as girls — so why separate and differentiate between their miseries?

In my opinion, feminism shames women. Feminism makes women weak.

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Dear feminists, embed in your mind that not everyone wants to make the same lifestyle choices as you. Not everyone has the same constitutional views as you. And this may surprise you, but many women who confine themselves to societal norms don’t believe they’re oppressed at all. Stop implying that women need your help just because they’re the weaker gender. You couldn’t be more erroneous.

And assuming that women are the “needier and feebler” gender is extremely immature. In summary, women can think for themselves, as can men. You aren’t the boss of mindsets and it’s not up to you to decide which gender needs more reflection. Fact is, your own mindset is in need of an overhaul. Your movement couldn’t be more flawed — and that’s still an understatement.