dailypeghamZainab Chugtai, a criminal lawyer based in Lahore, has released a video of five women, who reveal how they’ve been body-shamed by society, and their own loved ones, and the psychological as well as emotional impact of such shaming.

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The video of the women discussing how body-shaming has affected their lives, shows how dire the issue really is.

In 2014, Chughtai founded BullyProof, which is a social awareness campaign that addressed the issue of bullying in schools. As a part of BullyProof, she holds sessions with young students and has addressed over 4000 students so far, mostly young women.

Chughtai told BuzzFeed that the women featured in the video were all participants of a community based therapy group.

A screengrab of a participant from the video

“Unfortunately most shaming takes place within the family. Shaming is NEVER OKAY. It’s never a joke.” Chughtai said.

The first girl in the video reveals that she was called harsh words like ‘moti’ and ‘saand.’

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The other one says that she was mocked for being dark-skinned when she was young, and for not being good-looking.

A screengrab of a participant from the video

One was told that “African kids were starving because I ate all their food,” and “The grave that would have to be dug for me would have to be pretty deep.”

A screengrab of a participant from the video

At the tender age of 14, a girl was told that she wouldn’t get any rishtas because of her weight. “That says a lot about our society, by the way,” she is seen saying in the video.

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The video takes an emotional turn when the girls express how body-shaming made them feel.