dailypeghamThe local flick has created a buzz at home and abroad and the premiere of the movie aspired to do the same — in terms of bragging fitting fashion and sense of style. Sanam Saeed and Mawra Hocane dished out their A-game at the event but how fruitful were the efforts of these homegrown beauties, let’s find out!

Red carpet roundup: Premiere of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Sanam Saeed

The Pakistani sensation and actor of the film didn’t disappoint. Garbed in an utra-ethnic russet shalwar qameez, she emitted sophistication and poise. What stood out most was her take on the dhoti shalwar that comprised a chunky border. The sleeveless qameez boasted a folkloric touch that certainly captured onlookers. Accessorising minimally in a statement-making bracelet and styling her hair in a simplistic updo, Sanam subtly declared that she has flair for fashion.

Mawra Hocane

Though she’s made waves on the other side of the border, she didn’t quite impress this time around at home. Donning an ill-fitted tee that swanked a plethora of pattern, paired with black moto leggings, Mawra seemed like she wasn’t clad for the occasion. Sadly, the actor’s hair and makeup appeared off-key as well — her poker straight hair lacked volume and the makeup was pretty bland. A clear case of swagger gone wrong — oops!