dailypeghamFahad Mustafa is currently making waves on Indian TV channel Zee Zindagi with his hit TV serial Kankar. He has also found a new fan in Bollywood’s leading lady Vidya Balan, who recently took to Twitter to share her fondness for Pakistani dramas, especially Kankar.

The popular serial highlights the issue of domestic violence. Fahad portrays the character of an angry young husband, Sikander, who makes his wife Kiran’s (played by Sanam Baloch) life miserable.

Unsurprisingly, the real-life Fahad condemns domestic abuse. “I think women should beat their husbands when they are ill-treated,” the actor said in an interview with Pinkvilla.

“Women should play smart. And if they do such things then men will think twice before touching them and finally treat them with some respect,” he added.

Kankar was aired on HUM TV in 2013. PHOTO: FILE

On the popularity of Pakistani shows in India, Fahad said, “Just the other day Om Puri’s wife called me and mentioned that she watches Pakistani dramas . We have actually never met before but she said that she is loving the show and so is everyone else.

“Even the Indian actors might be watching these television dramas. They can also see what talent and artwork Pakistani actors are putting up especially now that we are into films as well.

“It is very encouraging and pleasing to know that they also watch our plays and are also talking about it. It’s all about a healthy give and take relationship where we are watching their work and they are watching ours,” he added.

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Fahad also disclosed that he will soon be working with Bollywood actor Boman Irani. “There are many other films as well that I am doing. Boman Irani saheb is coming to Pakistan for one of them and we will be working together. It works both ways,” he said.

Fahad and Om Puri during the press conference of ‘Actor in Law’. PHOTO: FILE

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He is also keen on exploring opportunities in Bollywood. “I had been offered some Bollywood films but those scripts were not as good as what I am being offered in Pakistan, so I denied them in a humble manner. So let’s see if something nice comes up from Bollywood, I will surely take up the role.”

Fahad’s upcoming film Actor in Law starring Om Puri is slated to release this Eid.