dailypeghamWe all know Indian dramas tend to lay it on thick with dramatic pauses, repeated shots of violent slaps, and constant crying, but this particular TV show is in a league of its own.

Sasural Simar Ka has been one of India’s most popular TV shows since it aired in 2011, and in its latest episode, it created a plot twist like no other, when the show’s heroine Sima turned into a house fly.

The teaser for the dramatic episode ends with the fly saying, “Yeh mackhee aap ki Simar hai.”

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The well intended lead character Simar decides to help save a fairy by finding a cure in the jungle — alone in the middle of the night, of course — and ends up disturbing a guru who has been meditating for about 5,000 years.

Simar is then transformed into a fly by the guru, as punishment, and must return home to her family as a mere house fly.

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Twitter seems to have had enough of the show after the bizarre plot twist.