dailypeghamISLAMABAD (APP) – The introduction of high speed broadband in the country is showing positive results as app exports are flourishing and touching more than US $ 10 million mark on monthly basis during this year.

Local developers in Pakistan are skillful and talented enough to meet global requirements when it comes to designing mobile applications for foreign clients.

As per statistics from Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Pakistani app developers are not only designing mobile apps for local market but they are also developing apps for exporting, contributing precious foreign exchange to national kitty.

The competition in the global market is immense but Pakistani companies are making to hold their share through expertise and performance. This trend needs to be pushed up since business of foreign clients is attractive in terms of values and knowledge acquisition, Chief Executive Officer, SI Global Solutions said on Wednesday.

The CEO said Pakistanis are unique in their innovative way of designing apps with creative and user friendly interface.

However, foreign clients are very committed and nothing less than high quality work is expected. In terms of mobile applications, they must be designed on native platforms to truly take advantage of the OS whether it’s Android or iOS.

The data said in Pakistan, rising use of smartphones with high speed internet means that businesses as well as government functionaries are adopting the easiest ways of connecting with masses through mobile apps. This can help them reap the most benefits in the society. But its needs to continue in a sustainable manner.

IT and Telecom experts explained that native apps are smooth and efficient. They serve purpose as opposed to copied apps that have limited functions and various restrictions in terms of functional amendments.

The experts said competition among software houses and mobile app developers is quite healthy but they should also flex their muscles to design and produce apps for next gen watches and smart television sets that have a broader appeal worldwide.