dailypeghamInnovation never rests. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of technology and communication. All of us are constantly looking for solutions, in our mobiles, for one or other of our needs.
However, local apps sometimes do not measure up to the game. So what does it take to prod the giant right in the eye? We say a mix of consumer insights, quest to satisfy consumers and the willingness to play a part in transforming Pakistan digitally!
The fact that Telenor is more than up to the game of entering the local app market big time was nowhere more evident than the recently held Telenor Digital Festival! In an event buzzing with the adrenaline of technology buffs & Rahat Fateh’s melodious music, Telenor unveiled groundbreaking apps that definitely deserve a place in your own phone!

1. Get in Control with My Telenor App:

Manage your Telenor account through “My Telenor App” that helps you browse latest offers, check your usage and billing details. Icing on the cake? You can now activate/deactivate services without going through the lengthy customer care route!

2. Got Wowed with WoW Box:

So what got us hooked to the app was the easy to use interface and the rewards we get with usage! This is one step ahead of the regular apps in this domain like Flipboard or Medium. So you do not only aggregate and get access to the content you like but you also get exclusive rewards from Telenor in the form of new offers and promotions upon doing so!

3. Get Entertained with Pocket TV:

TV stays right in your pocket with service which is exclusively being provided in Pakistan by Telenor. It is your pocket digital TV from where you access the TV channels live, execute Video on Demand or browse through our free content. Access it at www.pockettv.pk and get entertained!

4. Get Relaxed with Appbox:

Appbox (appbox.com.pk) erases the cumbersome processes of payment by letting you pay through your mobile phone balance. So access Appbox, download your favorite apps or upload one if you are a publisher or app developer!

5. Get Storage with Capture:

Here comes an exclusive cloud storage solution by Telenor that is compatible with laptops, desktops and smart phones. The application also has an auto-sync feature that automatically uploads pictures and videos captured with a smart phone, so that they can be accessed later even if you lose your phone!

So what are you waiting for, Pakistan? Let us know in the poll below and stay ahead of the digital curve!