2016-05-19-PHOTO-00000041Consulate General of Pakistan Manchester organised an evening with renowned
Pakistani singer Dr Amjad Pervaiz at the Pakistani Community Centre Long sight,
Manchester on 18 May 2016.

A large number of members of the community attended the event and appreciated
the performance of Dr Amjad Pervaiz.
Dr Amjad presented folk songs and ghazals of great poets of Urdu including Meer,
Ghalib, Faiz and Nasir Kazmi.
Thanking the artist Consul General Zahoor Ahmed said that Dr Amjad represents
the best of Pakistsn’s art heritage and creativity. He is a varsatile artist and
true role model who has excelled in academics, sports and fine arts. Sajid Qazi
the Community Welfare Attaché, Basir Kazmi, Dr Naeem and Sheikh Saeed also
spoke on the occasion.2016-05-19-PHOTO-00000042 2016-05-19-PHOTO-00000043 2016-05-19-PHOTO-00000040