dailypeghmSEATTLE (Web Desk) – A dentist in United States has invented a toothbrush that allows users to stream and review films of the inside of their mouths as they brush.

Prophix, the video toothbrush created by Dr. Craig S. Kohler, uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to send video from the inside of the user’s mouth to a smart phone.

The toothbrush also works with a companion app that allows users to watch the video feed and track the progress of their oral health.

“You can see it live,” Kohler told the Chicago Tribune. “You’re able to take photos of the different spots you might be interested in keeping track of, keep them in an album, and see if gum tissue changes color or look at a particular filling that you have questions about.”

Prophix has begun taking pre-orders for a discounted price of $299 before the product will be sold at retail for $399 in 2017.

Kohler adapted the toothbrush from his own practice of reviewing videos of his patient’s dental procedures with them. He said he hopes customers will appreciate the experience at home while also learning more about their dental health.