dailypeghamISLAMABAD: A full court meeting of the Supreme Court has approved a boost in perks and privileges for both serving and retired judges.

The meeting, held under Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, discussed several issues regarding perks and privileges. The meeting was attended by all apex court judges.

A copy of the nine-page minutes of the meeting was obtained by The Express Tribune.

The full court approved the reimbursement of Supreme Court judges’ medical claims for indoor and outdoor treatment in government hospitals, in addition to medical allowances.

It also resolved that SC judges after retirement should be provided an option either to return IT gadgets / devices/ computers / laptops / PC-Notebooks in their use, or to purchase the same at 40 per cent depreciation per year of the original purchase price and after five years, a flat price of Rs5,000 may be charged.

The full court decided to enhance the stay of judges in guest houses from three to seven days. The deputy registrar was allowed to reserve a suite/room up to seven days for (serving) and former judges. However, the CJ will be kept informed about the reservation made by the deputy registrar for the sake of transparency.

The meeting resolved that all retired judges and their widows be allowed to opt either to continue with the provision of services of the contingent staff or opt for a special additional pension and personally manage their private servants as per their own needs and in that case, “no financially liability would rest with this court”.

It was also decided that to adopt the arrangements, the matter will be taken up with the federal government for inserting suitable amendments to the order.

The SC judges again expressed desire regarding the round the clock posting of a security guard at their respective residence by the police stations concerned during the life of a retired judge. This proposal is still under the federal government’s consideration.

The full court resolved that this proposal will be followed vigorously.

The full court also decided to enhance the legal fees of advocates nominated to represent convicts in criminal jail petitions and criminal jail appeals before the apex court, raising it from Rs15,000 to Rs25,000.

About the fixing of reasonable limit regarding payment of water charges to retired chief justice/ judges and widow of late judges, the full court decided to continue the 2001 policy, wherein it was resolved that in view of the scarcity of water supply in Karachi, reimbursement of charges for not more than five tankers per week was allowed.

The SC full court also discussed retired judges’ request for entitlement of 2,000 units electricity.

However, the full court has unanimously decided that the present arrangement should continue as no change was required.