dailypeghamLAHORE: From acting and modelling to hosting TV shows and writing, Juggan Kazim has honed her skills both on and off screen, while also creating a distinct roadmap for herself. Her claim-to-fame is the push to experiment with something new-fangled that comes her way every now and then.

With plans to finally blast-off a flagship store for her eponymous fashion label, Juggan, the actor-host and now designer, has chosen Lahore’s M M Alam Road for her outlet which will open doors to the public in April. “Think of my label as an Eastern fusion brand that follows the fast fashion business model,” says Kazim.

Recently, several fashion houses have entered the market that look up to the likes of international retailers such as Zara and HnM for inspiration. Kazim is eyeing a similar route.

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To begin with, she will be replacing her stock every one to two weeks. “I don’t want to make so many designs that when you enter a room, every other person is wearing the same thing,” she adds. Revealing the outlet will be divided into sections for different types of clothing, Kazim shares her aim is to address the issues she encountered while purchasing clothes from other places. “I’m looking at a lot of issues I faced with off-the-rack clothing and I am addressing all of them with my brand.”

At the same time, Kazim is identifying the possibility of making alterations to outfits at the store to make it easier for customers. “I’m not a designer but I wear a lot of clothes and haven’t repeated an outfit in seven years.” According to Kazim, this has given her an insight into the world of fashion retail and a sound know-how of it. “I will monitor the overall creative aspect but people from the industry will be designing for me. I have put together a fantastic team.”

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On the TV front, Kazim will be starring in Adnan Ahmed’s film Sedare. Shot with MD Productions, the movie will hit theatre screens in March. “It has a very interesting sci-fi, thriller-action feel to it,” mentions Kazim. “Although it was shot entirely in Pakistan, it will be released locally and in Canada.” She will be playing the female lead alongside actors Robin Dunn and Ali Kazmi. “I have received quite a few offers but I don’t want to compromise on quality because I don’t want people saying, ‘She can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk’.”

As far as walking the ramp is concerned, Kazim states that she prefers appearing in shoots as a TV personality rather than a model. “Now whatever shoots I do, I don’t do them as a model.” As a morning show host, Kazim has always tried to reach out to a mass audience. “I like reaching out to everyone through it – your maid will watch it and so will your mother.”