dailypeghamIndia’s membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group is not merited until the country meets the group’s standards, said an New York Times (NYT) editorial on Sunday.

The article maintains that despite US President Barrack Obama’s strong support for India to join the NSG, the country is unmerited to be among the group of 48 nations, which govern trade in nuclear-related exports and has an aim of ensuring nuclear materials are not being traded for military uses.

Citing the reasons, the NYT says all group members have signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty; however, India has refused to do so – meaning the country does not accept the terms and conditions binding it to stop the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons.

Pakistan seeks NSG membership to curb nuclear proliferation

In, 2008, according to the NYT, as per the Bush-management deal with India back then, India had agreed their state would be“ready to assume the same responsibilities and practices” as other nations with advanced nuclear technology.

The editorial says Obama is lobbying for including India in the group “through a special exception” and if he succeeds in winning the membership, India would be capable of keeping Pakistan from becoming the member as the decision has to be unanimous among all group members.

Indian interceptor missile tests disturb regional ‘balance of power’: Aziz

China might be able to help Pakistan by dooming India’s attempt for now; however, it is becoming important day by day “and seeking greater integration into organisations that govern international affairs”.

If India does get the recognition as a nuclear weapons state, it will also be required to maintain the NSG standards, that include resumption of negotiations with Pakistan and China on controlling nuclear weapons and halting the production of nuclear fuel for bombs.