dailypeghamBRUSSELS (Web Desk) – The European Union has finalized an online “code of conduct” aiming to curb online hate speech in collaboration with a number of social media and tech giants.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft participated in the initiative which is concerned by the increasing trend of hate speech and xenophobia on the internet, particularly across Europe.

The clauses in the code, however, are not legally binding on these media and tech companies. Most of it policies are also already covered by existing EU legislation.

One novel clause requires the immediate reviewing of hateful, xenophobic or racism comments. The signatory companies will be required to review the notification within 24 hours and take quick action.

“Recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech,” said Vĕra Jourová the EU commissioner for justice while speaking to The Guardian.

“Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and racists use to spread violence and hatred,” she added.

The code of conduct represents the first major attempt to determine how technology firms should respond to hate speech online.