On the 30th April (Saturday) an historic session was observed to commemorate the great poet Philosopher Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal at Taastrup Medborgerhuset. The theme of the session was “Iqbal’s message to present age.” The main features were 1) The guest of honour was Dr. Umneea Ahmad Khan, who came from a far off country Australia exclusively on her own expense just on a short visit of two days. In her speech she said that she was inspired by the work of Iqbal Academy Scandinavia and her purpose behind undertaking such a long, tiresome and expensive journey was her love for Iqbal. She said to have been watching on internet the events of Iqbal Academy Scandinavia interestingly and decided to see those who are doing such a wonderful work in Copenhagen for a long arranging two Iqbal Days every year without any break. The second main feature of the event was that the Ambassador of Pakistan His Excellency Mr. Masroor Ahmad Jonajo had announced two awards to be given to those school students who could write a good essay on the theme of this session. There was a good response from young children of a school. In response sixteen essays were received from that school out of them two girls namely 1) Sidra Nurul Ameen and 2) Maria Anjum were declared the winners of first and second prize respectively. The Pakistan Ambassador awarded the prizes to them personally along with a certificate of merit under huge applause from the audience. You may enjoy clicking the following link to see more about the above.
The session was opened by Seema Kamil. She thanked the audience and also praised and thanked His Excellency the Ambassador of Pakistan as well as the three learned guest speakers, whom she addressed as the “lovers of Iqbal.” In her short speech she threw light on great achievements of Iqbal Academy due to arranging two Iqbal Events every year without any break for the last eighteen years, which is a rare example. After her short welcome address Hadi Khan took over the stage. Then Muhammad Kamil recited a few verses from the Holy Qur’an followed by translating the verses in Urdu language and then Duaa for the diseased wife of Muhammad Sharif Baqa.
After the above Hadi Khan invited Ghulam Sabir, the chairman Iqbal Academy Sandinavia, who was sitting on wheel chair. His chair was moved by his son Aim Sabir and brought in front of the stage. Ghulam Sabir thanked everyone once again and then inviting the attention of parents of children he said that a great responsibility lies on them towards proper grooming of their children particularly those living in European countries. Parents have to be very vigilant and must keep an eye on the activities of their children. They should be friendly to them at home and try to create the instinct in their kids to differentiate between good and bad in a very simple manner. The life patter and behavior of parents is a sort of school for their children. Sabir advised the parents that they should make “Shaheen” of their children. Then he expressed his concern of ignoring Iqbal by us today. He said that some of us think that Iqbal is no more needed at the present age and that his poetry is not only outdated but beyond to be understood by the people of today. He refuted such thinking by briefly highlighting Iqbal and the importance of his books. He quoted Iqbal as saying, “I am the poet of tomorrow” and added that Iqbal’s “tomorrow” is our present. He said that the great scholar and a teacher of Iqbal, Professor Reynold Nicholson, “He (Iqbal) is a man of his age and a man in advance of his age; he is also a man in disagreement with his age.” Let us not forget Iqbal. You may press CTRL and click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw8-jiL5TvU and enjoy seeing the above alive on the internet (YouTube).
After the short address of Ghulam Sabir the Stage Secretary Hadi Khan requested Dr. Umneea Ahmad Khan from Ausralia. In the beginning of this report her short introduction has been mentioned. She said that this was her first speech in Urdu and also the first talk on Allama Iqbal. There was a time in her life when Iqbal’s “Bang-I Dara” used to be taught in school and the calass used to be started with the Duaa (prayer) being a famous poem of Iqbal for children. She recited a couple of verses from this poem and said that Iqbal’s prayer in due is also the need of the time particularly for young generation. As mentioned earlier she has been watching with interest the performance if Iqbal Academy Scandinvia. Out of IAS sessions watched by her on internet she particularly mentioned the one of April 2012 in which Iqbal’s Khudi (the Self) was explained in a beautiful manner. She expressed her concern that the present youth of the nation are mostly ignorant of Iqbal’s Kalaam. Even some of them do not know Iqbal at all. It is pity, she said, that we are unaware of the value of Iqbal’s precious teachings like self confidence, high morality and the way of living like “Shaheen”. To enjoy her really words You may press CTRL and click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lct7L2akKh4 and see her alive talking to you.
After the above Arif Mahmood Kisana from Sweden took over the mike. He is a learned person, a journalist and a lover of Iqbal. He delivered a very rich talk and his speech covered a long range of Iqbal’s teaching supported by so many verses of Iqbal fluently recited by him. He also told that Iqbal’s “Armaghan-e Hijaz” is not simply a book but it is something else. Iqbal was the messenger of love for the Prophet (SWA). The Qur’an, he said, is “Living Kalam of Allah and the message of Iqbal is the same as the Qur’an teaches like love and unity among our fellow beings without consideration of the difference of faith. His speech was very elaborate and interesting and worth seeing for which please You may press CTRL and click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnBLccCt-HY
Professor Muhammad Sharif Baqa was the next speaker. He is a know Iqbal Scholar and is the author of over fifty books. His speech was also extremely informative. He first replied to general question about the main feature of Iqbal’s poetry, which he said in a few words as the teaching to understand the value of humanity with respect to common culture, love thy neighbor, help the needy etc. At the end of his rich speech he invited question from the audience and responded convincingly in a pleasant manner. His speech as always was beautiful. The reader may enjoy him speaking by pressing CTRL and click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj6INEp8vq8
After Professor Baqa, the stage secretary Hadi Khan invited the Ambassador of Pakistan, His Excellency Masrror Ahmad Jonajo to grace the occasion addressing the house. He said that since his arrival at Copenhagen two years ago, the Iqbal Academy held four sessions and he participated in all the four functions. He appreciated the work of Iqbal Academy and said that he learnt something in each of the four sessions. He said that he wanted that in this country also our children should be made familiar with the teaching of Iqbal. For that he had announced two prizes for the best writers of an essay on the theme of this session. We got a good response from the students and received 16 essays. You may click the link given below and watch the prize giving ceremony and the short but rich speech of the Pakistan Ambassador. Please press CTRL and click on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj6INEp8vq8