dailypeghamBollywood diva and a beauty queen forever, Sushmita Sen visited Wagah recently and was so overwhelmed by the experience that she took to Instagram to share her sentiments.

“What a euphoric feeling filled with pride,” she wrote in a post.

Sush was greeted by fans and BSF (Border Security Force).

“A point of no mans land…at Wagah Border. I stood on common ground and conveyed my Salaam to our neighbor Pakistan and they responded with a Namaste. That’s the spirit!!!”

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The former Miss Universe also witnessed the famous Beating Retreat ceremony. She shared her experience saying, “And here it is! A glimpse of the famous Beating Retreat ceremony. Love both sides, our BSF soldiers (men and women) and Pakistani rangers gave an amazing, electrifying, disciplined performance at the ceremony. I had goosebumps.”

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It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we are glad Sush got to witness it. Would have been nicer though if she’d crossed over.