dailypeghamThe interior ministry has voiced concern over the broadcast of video recordings of high-profile under-trial prisoners, terming them against journalistic norms.

A statement issued on Monday said any commentary on such leaked videos was undue interference in the investigation process and was tantamount to the media trial of the suspects. Such reports are in violation of journalistic norms and the rules of freedom of speech, it added.

The ministry also requested the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to make the TV channels consider the sensitivity involved in such matters and avoid telecasting such stories based on classified information.

This behaviour of TV channels would not only be detrimental to the investigative process but can also negatively affect court proceedings. Unprofessional and irresponsible analysis by the panellists and anchors casts a negative impact on the judicial system, the statement read.

The ministry has recommended amendments to the Pemra rules to suppress the rising trend of sensationalist reports on TV channels.

The proposals compiled by the ministry will be discussed in the next meeting of the authority and legal experts will be consulted on the issue.