dailypeghamNEW DELHI (News Desk) – Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Wednesday set a new record by launching as many as 20 satellites into orbit in a single mission using its workhorse PSLV-C34.

According to a statement, out of the 20 satellites 17 were foreign satellites, which were injected to orbit in the 36th flight of the 320-tonne Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C34), reported Times of India.

The flight began at 9:26am (IST) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. The satellites placed into orbit also included the Cartosat-2 series, which is capable of providing remote sensing services and imaging observations to the United States, Canada, Germany and Indonesia.

The Cartosat-2 was injected into its orbit at 9.44am (IST), after which the PSLV began placing the satellites into orbit.

Previously, ISRO had set a record by placing ten satellites into orbit in a single mission on April 28, 2008.

ISRO started launching foreign satellites using PSLV in May 1999 and since then it has injected 57 foreign satellites into orbit.