15cceda017ed53ccba9149ae26fafe9eSuperstar fashion designer Mona Al Mansouri Moscow displayed of fashion show
By: Shahid Ghuman

IMG-20160714-WA0011The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the hero of fashion which was aired which provided the UAE, Mona Al Mansouri, a new set of designs, through the activities of the Arab Forum Cultural, primarily in the Russian capital Moscow, which is organized by the Lebanese Ambassrah Moscow, the Lebanese Association charity to help the elderly, in order to support the confluence of civilizations and a bridge between East and West.
This came in the presence of Sheikha Mariam Al Khalifa, and the ambassadors of Lebanon and Palestine and the Moscow Media George Qirdahi and Asia Qasim and a group of famous intellectuals, journalists and Arab artists.
IMG-20160714-WA0010It included a new group to Mona Al Mansouri, presented in Moscow yesterday, a dress carrying a political message, through the included image of President Vladimir Putin in sports uniforms as a sign of strength, peace pools and children.
And began the message carried by the dress, which attracted the attention of the participants to the Forum Arab Cultural Arab in the Russian capital, in support of the Russian position on the overall political issues in the Middle East and the world, a bitter confirmed by Mona Al Mansouri, saying they tend to Russia’s vision, and to that enjoyed by Russia credibility in dealing with the Arabs and the world, unlike the United States, which is a double standard in dealing with the ongoing Middle East region and the world events.
IMG-20160714-WA0012He said Al Mansouri, in her remarks in the Russian capital, it is keen to provide political and humanitarian messages through the costumes, as provided by the dress on interfaith dialogue, and another on environmental protection in the world, and the third for her homeland “principalities summits, and it deliberately submitting dress carries a political message during the presentation in Moscow, to say to the Russians that the Arabs are by your side and you.
She said, “It raises an important question, which is: how the CIA, which claims it monitors DBP ant in the world, how to that intelligence, to miss her movements Daash and harbingers of composition, and the formation of teams of combat and weaponry, and where America and its intelligence when they were the
beginnings of the emergence of Daash and its expansion and spread and why did not reach America’s intelligence, but the allegations of Iraq’s possession at the time of Saddam, Libya, Gaddafi weapons atomic time, and why America did not initiate the reconstruction of Iraq and to compensate those affected by its citizens and the expulsion of the Iranian territory. ”
The new group offered by Mona Al Mansouri, the Moscow Festival, yesterday, dominated by the colors of spring, and calm pastels, and meet the needs of modern women, for this time of year, had their next luxury and richness.
The presentation won wide media coverage of the Arab media and Russian and universal, and aired by CNN POINT, live.