Ali Raza Syed ---Chairman Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Mr Ali Raza Syed has asked the Government and members of assembly of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) to immediately resign from their seats in order to express solidarity with oppressed people of the region.
In a press release issued from Brussels, Chairman KC-EU said, situation in IHK became very serious as Indian forces has killed more than 100 people and damaged the eye sight of more than 400 people by use of pellet guns during peaceful processions in the region in last six weeks.
He added, Situation in IHK is being severe day by day and Indian forces pressure the people of Kashmir through practice of brutal acts. Keeping the situation in mind, the Kashmiri political figures in government and members of assembly should immediate resign from their position. The pro-India Kashmir politicians should give up their association with the government and stand shoulder to shoulder with people of Kashmir.
They should raise their voice in favour of Kashmiris instead of favouring ruthless policies of Indian government. They should finish flattering with the Indian government while support the Kashmiris. If they decide today, then people of Kashmir will accept them. If they lose the time then Kashmiri nation and history will not forgive them.
It is a requirement of national honour and dignity to support people of Kashmir and so they should not waste their time. The movement will not be stopped as it will have a logic end. By favouring people movement, the Kashmiri political figures in the government of IHK should forget their past and start new political life. They should immediately join people movement which is for the right of self-determination. The movement is at turning and decisive point and no power can stop the movement.
Chairman Kashmir Council EU made it clear, If issue of Kashmir resolved, the whole region of Sub-Continent would be witness of peace, prosperity and stability