cnn-pointWASHINGTON: America on Monday urged Pakistan and India both to lessen hostilities against each other and indulge in direct negotiations.

Addressing a White House briefing, Deputy Spokesperson of the State Department, Mark Toner, said that Pakistan was conducting efficient and serious action against terrorists. He said that Pakistan was gaining success in the war against terrorism. Toner stated that Pakistan’s focus was on improving its anti-terrorism capabilities hence it should conduct operations across the board against militants.

Toner once again stressed that Pakistan needed to target those groups as well which were involved in carrying out attacks against its neighbours. Mark Toner further stated that Pakistan needed to destroy all safe havens and sanctuaries of terrorists in the country.

Mark Toner also dismissed reports that India-USA or Pakistan-Russia war exercises were part of any ‘greater game’ or any retaliation. He said that USA was promoting ties with India, which were neutral and effective.