cnn-pointMOHMAND AGENCY: Security forces on Monday evening foiled an attack by terrorists at the Salala check-post.

Sources within the security forces disclosed that an attack was launched from the Afghanistan side at the Pakistani check-post by militants on Monday evening at 05:30 pm. The attack, which was launched at Pakistani security forces, was successfully thwarted by the armed forces.

Local sources stated that the attack took place at Salala check-post, located inside the limits of the Baizai Tehsil in Mohmand Agency. The Bazai Tehsil is located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

In response to the hostile attack by the militants, the Mohmand Rifles troops stationed at the check-post retaliated with precision and forced the terrorists to flee. No loss of life or property took place due to the shelling from both sides, which occurred for a long time.

Salala check-post is infamous for the November 26, 2011 NATO airstrike which martyred 24 Pakistani troops. In response, Pakistan protested by closing the NATO supply route for several weeks.