KARACHI: Pilots of Inidan airliners are made to listen Pakistani patriotic songs while landing on the airports near to the Line of Control in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK).

According to a report , when aircrafts are in final approach for landing, hackers from across the border often tap into the frequency on which pilots are in touch with Jammu air traffic control (ATC) and start transmitting Pakistani patriotic songs.

We are made to hear songs like ‘Dil, dil Pakistan, jaan jaan Pakistan, a senior pilot shared the details. Hacking of our frequency has been happening for some time now, in such a situation we revert to the Northern Control in Udhampur, he said.

‘From there we contact to the local air traffic controller to be shifted to another frequency. The hackers frequently jam our frequency and start playing their music.’

Respected magazine, The Wire, in a recent report had discussed in detail about Indian cybersecurity defence mechanism, terming it weak and exposed to the hackers.