dailypeghamMUMBAI: Salim Khan, father of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, came to his rescue and defended his son from what he referred to as ‘intense and dramatic actors on TV’.

Salman Khan certainly landed into a fix when he boldly issued a statement defending Pakistani artists from Indian extremists, stating that there was a difference between artists and those who conducted terrorism. Salman refrained from answering Indian journalists and TV anchors who blasted the Dabangg superstar for his honest and logical statement.

However, Salim Khan had had enough of the undue criticism his son was facing. Taking to his Twitter account, Salim Khan mocked those whow ere constantly spewing hate for the Bollywood actor.

“Breaking news Saeed, Lakhvi & Masood replaced by Salman Khan Mahesh Bhatt Karan Johar & Yechury on the most wanted list of Times Now,” tweeted Salim Khan. “As these people are a big threat to the unity of our country. Take heart gentlemen at least you are in the job of entertaining people.”

He also posted another tweet which read: “Mr Bhatt our country has no dearth of intense and dramatic actors on TV then why look across the border.”