HARBIN: The video of a Chinese man beating up his mother and father publicly for buying him a flat he considered as ‘too small’, went viral in China.

According to details, the disgruntled son could be seen beating up his mother and father. The man can be seen hitting his parents over the head publicly as shocked onlookers witnessed the ugly incident in the background.

As soon as passers-by realised that the person was thrashing his parents, they tried to step in and stop the man from beating his parents. The pedestrians could also be seen in the video chasing after the man and pinning him down until police arrived on the spot to arrest him.

Media reports claimed that parents of the ungrateful son had bought the flat as a wedding gift for him. Deeming it to be too small, he subjected his parents to a public beating. The video has gone viral in China and the son, who remains unidentified still, was slammed across the country for his nefarious act.