The mannequin challenge fever has certainly hit an all time high around the world, with film stars, celebrities and public personalities taking up the challenge. Subway Pakistan, one of the most popular fast food restaurants in our country, recently took the mannequin challenge and uploaded it on their social media.

The mannequin challenge seems to be done to perfection in the video, which is shot at a branch of the fast food restaurant in the country. Various scenes from a customer frozen as he walks into a restaurant and a waiter greeting him, to another scene in which a customer is forking food into his mouth while simultaneously checking his cellphone, can be seen. Waiters at the counter are frozen, ready to receive orders from customers (who are frozen as well, duh).

The video is a cleverly crafted one which has received as many as 38,000 views on Facebook and has been shared more than 160 times. Here are a couple of screenshots of the video.

The mannequin challenge spread like wildfire around the world and on social media, when a couple of teens in the United States shot a video in which they froze as mannequins while doing routine stuff, with the background music of Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane playing. Ever since then, Hillary Clinton, Destiny’s Child, athletes and professionals have also made their own respective mannequin challenge videos.