MEDELLIN: Before the fatal plane crash that killed as many as 71 passengers, mostly of the Brazilian football club Chapecoense took place, the players took some selfies and recorded a video clip which surfaced on social media and went viral.

The pictures clearly show the players were in an upbeat mood before horror and tragedy struck. On Tuesday, the plane carrying the football team Chapecoense crashed at Cerro Gordo in the municipality of La Union.

The Brazilian players from the football club Chapecoense were about to play the most important match of their lives against Columbian club Atletico Nacional for the final of the Copa Sudamericana cup.

A rare video footage of the players also surfaced on social media. Two black box flight recorders of the flight were recovered from the plane in perfect condition. As many as 71 people on board the aircraft died due to the tragic air crash. Defenders Alan Ruschel and Helio Zemper Neto, as well as reserve goalkeeper Jakson Follman survived the crash but were injured.

Marcos Padilha aka Danilo, the main goalkeeper of the club, was pulled alive from the wreckage but then succumbed due to his injuries.