web-fbKARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan leader Amir Khan on Saturday took an exception to London-based leadership for the predicament in which the party has found itself after the eventful day of August 22.

He said the remarks made in the August speech were often made behind closed-door meetings, which party leaders always opposed, referring to Altaf Hussain’s tirade against Pakistan.

Taking aim at Wasay Jalil, he said the social media savvy leader of MQM fled to London just a day after a raid was carried out at the Nine Zero headquarters of the party.

Speaking at party workers convention, he said Mustafa Azizabadi plunged the party to its lowest, adding that a younger brother the Altaf Hussain’s close aide was involved in corruption in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

Amir Khan also alleged that a brother of Muhammad Anwar, a senior London-based leader of MQM, was involved in corruption and land grabbing.

Amir Khan said Wasay Jalil and Mustafa Azizabadi were pitting political workers against each other in Karachi, an obvious reference to an ongoing tension between the Pakistan and London chapters of the party.