JEDDAH: The number of Pakistanis under detention in Saudi jails on terror charges reached 69 with the arrest of a woman in Jeddah’s Al-Naseem district during a security operation on Saturday.

According to a report in Saudi newspaper Arab News, Fatima Ramadan Balochi Murad was arrested along with her Saudi husband from an apartment in Al-Naseem district by security agencies after a tip-off.

Last July, a Pakistani terrorist named Abdullah Qalzar Khan blew himself up near Solaiman Fakeih Hospital in Jeddah.

The security authorities arrested 49 Pakistani residents and put them under interrogation since the bombing in July.

A terrorism operation attempt was also foiled last October in Jeddah. It involved two Pakistanis — Solaiman Arab Deen and Farman Naqshaband Khan. They had planned to carry out blasts in Al-Jowhara Stadium.

A recent statement issued by the Interior Ministry through its Tawasul (communications) portal said that 5,085 terror suspects from 40 countries are in detention in five intelligence prisons in the Kingdom.