LAHORE – A Turkish delegation comprising senior emergency healthcare officers visited Rescue 1122 Headquarters here on Monday.

The members of the delegation included Dr Hasan Gayal, Fatih Kardmir, Dr Mehmat Akif, Dr Mehmat Ergin, Dr Yousaf Ali Altunsi and Dr Ayhan Ozhansenekler.

On their arrival, the Punjab Emergency Services, Rescue 1122, director general briefed the delegates on the mandate, different functions and monitoring mechanism of the Service.

He shared the long journey of emergency services reforms, the establishment of Pakistan’s first modern emergency service with limited resources and provision of technical assistance and expansion to other provinces.

The delegation visited Provincial Monitoring Cell where they were briefed on monitoring of emergency operations through GPS and emergency management system installed inside the emergency vehicles.

The DG briefed them on calls monitoring, operations, evaluation, feedback system, trauma registry mechanism and another monitoring setup of the Service.

Dr Hasan Gayal lauded the services of Rizwan Naseer and his team for the establishment of a progressive and professional institution for public safety. The delegation said that emergency care is basic human right and Rescue 1122 is providing this basic right without any discrimination to the citizens of the Punjab. The members of the delegation wished other public organisations to follow the footsteps and be a leading organisation like Rescue 1122.

The delegation appreciated the role of Punjab Emergency Service regarding the provision of emergency services to the citizens of the Punjab.